Microsoft Dynamics NAV - Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

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Why Choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central?

     Dynamics 365 Business Central, previously known as Microsoft Dynamics NAV (or Navision). It consists of a wide range of business functionalities along with the supplementary benefit of the cloud.

Financial Management

Organize all data across purchasing, inventory, sales, accounting, and customer service to give a complete 最高の Rdta 2020 idea of your business. Chart real-time monetary performance with in-built Power BI dashboards.

Operations Management

     Give a complete view of the portfolio for effective order fulfillment. Track each item’s movement and transaction, while achieving optimal output levels.

Supply Chain Management

     Make use of in-built intelligence to predict what and when to replenish. Buy only what you require with enthusiastically updated inventory levels. Propose substitutes when required items are unavailable.

Reporting and Analytics

     Refine financial predictions by analyzing and modeling data across numerous dimensions. Modify reports with unified Microsoft Excel integration.

Sales and Service Management

     Manage service requests, act instantly on sales associated inquiries, and process payments-perform all these within Outlook. Know an outline of your workloads, tasks and employee abilities to efficiently assign resources.

Improve Financial Visibility

   Make well-versed decisions with associated data across customer transactions, inventory, purchasing, sales, and accounting.

   Accelerate reporting and financial close and maintain agreement with accurate, streamlined and quick accounts payable and receivable.

   Chart financial act in real-time using in-built power Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards. Determine trends and patterns and get new understandings with unlimited dimensions and in-depth analysis.

   Enhance forecast accuracy with wide-ranging data analysis and modeling. Customize and share information with all-in-one Excel integration.

Optimize Supply Chain

   Get a complete assessment of inventory for fulfilling the order on time. Track each and every item movement and transaction by establishing files according to storage unit dimensions and warehouse layout.

   Predict the ideal time to refill stock with the help of built-in intelligence. Utilize sales forecasts and predictable stock-outs to habitually create purchase orders.

   Measure and optimize resources and manufacturing capacity to enhance production schedules and cater to customer demands.

   Maintain the appropriate amount of inventory by spontaneously calculating reorder points, lead times and stock levels. If the requested items are not available, automatically propose replacements.

Boost Sales and Improve Service

   Prioritize sales leads as per revenue potential. Track your entire customer interactions and receive guidance on best cross-sell, upsell and renewal chances throughout the sales cycle.

   Fast-track the sales practice from quote to money. Take action instantly on manage service requests, sales associated inquiries and process payments- everything from within Microsoft Outlook.

   Get a complete overview of your workloads, service tasks, and employee abilities to facilitate case resolution and efficiently assign resources.

Deliver Projects Within Budget and On Time

   Create, manage and follow customer projects utilizing timesheets with advanced reporting capabilities and job costing. Develop, change and manage budgets to make sure project profitability.

   Make efficient decisions with live insights on profitability, project status, and source usage metrics.

   Monitor resource levels by planning sales and capacity. Track invoicing for clients against planned expenses on quotes and orders.

Safeguard Your Data and Support GDPR compliance

   Handle, store and transfer data securely all through your systems and at the same time protect it from unauthorized admittance with programmed Microsoft datacenter application.

   Respect your client’s right to privacy by setting up your business in such a way to obey the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Grant and limit access to personal information on several levels and execute audit trails to make sure accountability and security.

Function Your Business Anywhere

   No matter, you deploy on-premises, in the cloud or combination of both, you receive same user experience.

   Manage your business anywhere and anytime with an intuitive, consistent experience across Android, iOS or Windows devices for mobile admittance to Business central.